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To Be the world leading manufacturer in laser optics and optical system

Fiber optic laser cut optical element

Fiber optic laser cutting system is generally used for cutting medium and high power metal or non-transparent materials.

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Fiber optic laser welding optical element

The laser welding system USES laser high energy to weld two materials together. It can be applied to all non-transparent materials.

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Optical components are cleaned by a fiber optic laser

The laser cleaning system USES the high energy density and narrow pulse width of the laser to instantly vaporize the adhesive material or rust on the surface of the workpiece being cleaned without damaging the product itself.

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The laser fine fine machining optical element

Fine machining is generally 355 uv laser applications, including field marking, remote field or uv focusing lens drilling.

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Laser 3D printing (additive manufacturing) of optical components

In fact, laser 3D printing is a process in which materials are fused and solidified by laser or directly cured by uv. Currently, CO2 laser, fiber optic laser and ultraviolet laser are all applied to 3D printing.

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Optical element of dynamic scanning system

The three-dimensional dynamic scanning system mainly USES the movement of one lens in the multi-slice focusing system to realize the change of lens distance and drive the change of working focal length.

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355nm/532nm marking optical element

Uv laser marking can be applied to fine marking and cutting. The general optical path system and the transmission sequence of the beam are as follows: expand the beam through the beam expanding mirror to improve the divergence Angle, then use the beam com

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Fiber optic laser marking optical element

Fiber-optic laser marking can be applied to marking all non-transparent materials.

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CO2 laser marking optical element

CO2 laser cutting can be applied to almost all metallic and non-metallic materials, including laser resonator optical system.

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CO2 laser cut optical element

The CO2 marking system can be applied to marking almost all materials, generally using beam expanding mirrors to improve the divergence Angle, vibrating mirrors for deflected beams, and field mirrors for focused beams.

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Laser medical cosmetic optical element

Medical cosmetology laser is the use of laser energy concentration characteristics of certain parts of the human body for rapid laser irradiation and gasification process.

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Infrared optical element

We also provide optical components, lenses and subsystems for transmission and imaging of various infrared optical systems, including design, fabrication, assembly and testing. Materials include silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, zinc selenide, etc.

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The company has more than 10 years of professional laser optical lens design, production, sales and service team

Carman Haas Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd established in February 2016, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, inspection, application testing and sales of laser optical components and optical systems. The company currently has a group of young, knowledgeable and professional elites, and has established industry-university-research alliances with famous universities and research institutes such as Suzhou University and the Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In order to further enhance the research and development strength, the company established the “Laser Application R&D Center” together with the Institute of Modern Optical Technology of Suzhou University in early 2017. 

The company's team closely fits the laser processing application market and maintains close communication and cooperation with all customers in the laser industry. The laser processing involved is very extensive, including ultra-fast laser processing, power battery laser processing, laser cutting, laser marking, Laser welding, laser drilling, laser cleaning, solar photovoltaic cell laser processing, laser additive manufacturing (3D printing), laser etching, etc.  

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Principle and function of laser field mirror

Principle and function of laser field mirror: the field mirror focuses the collimated laser beam on one point, improves the energy density of laser beam, uses the high energy of laser to process various materials, such as cutting, marking, welding, cleaning and surface treatment. At the same time, when the direction of the incident laser beam changes, the laser field mirror can still maintain the spot with the same relative size and energy density So that the laser beam can process the points of different material positions. The combination of field mirror and galvanometer which can change the direction of laser beam quickly and accurately can realize the high-speed and precise processing of materials.

Introduction of laser circular polarizer

Circular polarizer is a kind of reflector which can convert the linearly polarized laser beam into elliptical or circular polarized laser beam. Its function is similar to that of a quarter wave plate, but in the far-infrared band, there is no suitable birefringent crystal, so we can't make a transmission wave plate to change the polarization state of the far-infrared laser beam. The lens has a special film, which can change the incident light of 45 degree linear polarization of zero phase displacement into a circular polarization of 90 degree phase displacement.

Definition and function of laser output mirror

Definition of laser output mirror: output mirror and tail mirror are the main components of laser tube. When these two lenses are used together, the CO2 gas in the laser tube will vibrate and produce a laser meeting the output conditions. The laser tube inner end mirror has curvature, and the surface is plated with protective coating; the output mirror and the outer focusing mirror are made of the same material, and the laser grade zinc selenide imported from the United States is used, and the medium with different output ratio is plated on the surface.

Introduction of optical fiber laser spectroscope

Fiber optic laser splitter a splitter is an optical component that divides light into two parts. Spectroscope is a common optical component in laser and lighting systems. Laser spectroscope applications also include fluorescence applications, optical interferometry, life sciences or semiconductor instruments.

Laser those things big wave two - color laser new coming attack

Read "laser those things" before the article of friends, should have a lot of understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of laser light source. Now the laser light source is a "simplified" scheme. Although the blue laser hybrid fluorescent pink wheel reduces the cost, there are two problems with color. Why is that? Because the current blue laser has a slightly shorter wavelength of 2-6 nanometers, it is considered "purplish" by many consumers. After the blue laser + blue, green, red phosphor model to improve the problem, but the blue is not completely eliminated.

The coating principle of optical lens

Optical lens coating company - karman haas laser, optical lenses after precision polishing is usually not a high transmittance, lens must be coated before use, coating is a film material through the way of evaporation layer by layer superimposed on the lens surface process. The thickness of each layer of optical film needs to be strictly controlled. There are two ways to monitor the film thickness: light control and crystal control. Film thickness is usually measured in nanometers.

The principle of laser marking machine and system accessories interpretation

Principle and system of laser marking machine accessories reading: laser marking can be applied to all the pervious to light material marking, general optical path system: corrected by beam expander expanding beam divergence Angle, beam after us into indicator light, to the light beam deflection and scanning galvanometer system, the last through the F - THETA for scanning focusing mirror machining. Laser marking optical components mainly include beam expanding mirror and f-theta field mirror. The purpose of a beam expander is to enlarge the beam diameter and reduce the beam divergence Angle. F-Theta field mirror enables laser beam to focus uniformly.

What is the wavelength range of visible light

Visible light wavelength range: visible light is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be perceived by the human eye. The average human eye can detect electromagnetic waves at wavelengths between 400 and 760nm, but some people can detect waves between 380 and 780nm.

Domestic laser field mirror brand - field mirror classification

Domestic laser field lens brand - field lens classification: Carmen haas - is a professional engaged in laser optical components of the professional manufacturers, the company has perfect production equipment and a high level of research and development, production, sales, professional team, Carmen laser haas is unique in can meet customer's special application requirements, giving customers the most intuitive product selection and supporting the use requirements. Experienced engineers will work closely with customers to provide them with better processing services.

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